Multidimensional Light-Bodywork

brings profound energy changes in the body-mind-being of a person,
by using an ancient map of Indien energy healing, with their 7 Chakras and Subtle Bodies, which has been often pointed out by Osho, an Indien Mystic of this century.

Through balancing and enhancing the spinning abilities of the 7 Chakras,
old neg. cell-memories are released and changed into a new more fitting life pattern. The wisdom of the body will guide and open up the self healing capacity.

This training will give you the understanding and tools to work in the
7 Subtle Bodies and their connecting Chakras. Clearing, balancing and energizing, enhancing the spinning abilities of the Chakras.
You will learn to work on and off the physical body.

This will enable you to sense and see the aura around the body and heal imbalances and distortions in the field. Bringing more life energy and joy to the body and being of the client.

The teaching and practicing of the 5 Tibetan Rites will be part of the training.


Multidimensional Light-Bodywork-Training

Part 1:   Trust your Life.

An intense experience of clearing the 7 Chakras and their 7 Energy-Bodies. Opening again into life and the flow of universal energy. Creating a new balance and vitality in the body-mind system. By enhancing the spinning movement of the 7 Chakra, the body becomes more alive, dynamic and healthy. Opening into different dimension of trusting and living life happens spontaniosly.

Learnings :  to clear and balance the 7 Chakras and Subtle-Bodies.

Part 2:   Loving is Receiving.

Only if we can receive we are able to give and love.Through working from the heart-chakra we create a new dimension of healing and Love. Knowing the source of who is giving and receiving allows Love to flow by itself. The heart opens and we are connected to our source of life. The Heart-Chakra is the transmission place to the spiritual real.

Learnings :  to heal through the heart-chakra and intuitively read the energy pattern of the 7 Chakras.